Burger Chef Menu Items

  In addition to the usual fast food fare, Burger Chef had its own menu items. After adding a double cheeseburger the 'Big Shef' sandwich (Burger Chef spelled the name with an 'S' as part of thier trademark), was introduced around 1964. It featured two hamburger patties, cheese, lettuce and sauce. About this time the Fish Sandwich was introduced to the menu, which was started by a franchisee and then expanded chain wide. In the mid 1960's the Apple Turnover was added as Burger Chef's first dessert item.
  In the early 70's, the Super Shef was introduced, featuring a 1/4 pound of beef, cheese, lettuce tomato, onions and pickles with ketchup.
Later in the 70's came the TOP Shef-1/3 pound of beef, topped with bacon and cheese.
  During the 70's Burger Chef added Salad and Fixing Bars.
   For the kids, Burger Chef created the Funmeal Platter around 1973. The Funmeal featured a hamburger, fries, drink and desert treat-served on a cardboard tray printed with games and riddles-and came with a free toy.
   Adult oriented platters became available during the 70's-The Rancher Platter with 1/3 pound beef, Texas toast, fries and salad. and The Mariner Platter-two batter dipped fish fillets, fries and salad.

   On March 19, 2001 Hardee's-current owner of the rights to Burger Chef- revived the Big Shef sandwich by adding it to the menus of its restaurants in 12 former Burger Chef core markets in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri and Florida. A trial period at a location in Indiana proved Burger Chef fans were happy to see an old favorite return.