1. Turn off night security lights; turn on lights neccessary for opening preperation.

2. Check temperature of all refrigerated components. If too high, check for cause.

3. Assemble shake machines, following sterilizing instructions carefully.

4. Fill flavor syrup dispenser.

5. Turn on orange dispenser and check for cleanliness.

6. Mix orange drink in accordance with directions and fill the orange dispenser.

7. Coca-Cola and Root Beer dispenser (If Touch-O-Matic or Bastian-Blessing type is used).
   a. Check and fill syrup dispensers.

   b. Fill ice bin with ice.

   c. Be sure to flush drain line with hot water.

   d. Check pressure gauge under the counter for 12-14 pounds.

   e. Check proportion of carbonated water to syrup in drinks with test mixing equipment.

   f. Wipe fountain area clean.

8. Check stock of paper cups, napkins, bags, trays, straws, lids, cleaning cloths, sugar, and all

other supplies and food stocks. Bring the anticipated inventory requirements for the day to the

front area.

9. Fill salt shakers, straw dispensers, wrapper holders, cup dispensers, and all other dispensing


10. Peel, eye, cut and rinse potatoes to meet demand. Fill baskets one half full and allow to drain


11. Fill fryers to grease line with fresh shortning.

12. Turn on fryer exhaust fan.

13. Turn on fryer to 350 degrees F. Prepare apple turnovers as traffic demands for the day.

14. Blanch potatoes to 300 degrees F. for four minutes in quanities to  meet anticipated demand.

15. Prime and fill shake machine and put into operation.

16. Assemble and fill mustard and catsup dispenser.

17. Slice cheese, piling in stacks for 36 cheesburger overlapping slices (approximately 13oz. in each stack).

18. Chop onions to meet rush hour requirements.

19. Prepare hot chocolate (in season).

20. Turn on heat and water flow adjustment for pass-through cabinet.

21. Turn on the broiler and the broiler exhaust fan (if so equipped). Allow time for heating and

     check proper functioning.

22. Make a "test run" of two meat patties and two buns toasting and cooking. Make any

     neccessary flame adjustments.

23. Prepare buns for service, using oldest buns first.

24. Check for proper rotation of oldest meat.

25. Make coffee.

26. Unlock and stock the rest rooms.

27. Make final check of entire area for cleanliness including front windows, inside and outside

   counters. Wipe off all equipment.

28. Turn on finish fryer at 350 degrees F., not earlier than ten minutes before opening time. (Be sure exhaust fan is ON.)

29. Turn on all sign lighting including the front sign, facia and enclosure lighting at opening time.

30. Review all operations, man all stations, and be ready to serve the first customer.


1. Check the meat, mix, and bun supplies to be sure they are adequate.

2. Peel, cut and blanch more potatoes as the demand requires.

3. Keep the front area stocked with paper supplies.

4. Watch the shake mix level and maintain an adquate supply in the

   hoppers at all times.

5. Make periodic checks of levels of Coca-Cola, root beer, orange and

   strawberry and have an adquate supply in all containers. Recheck water-

   syrup ratio at least once daily.

6. Inspect quality of the french fries.

7. Keep the broiler chain lubricator filled with shortening.

8. Check the meat regularly to be sure that it is cooking properly.

   Check the buns for toasting and steaming.

9. Refil the condiment dispenser during slow periods.

10. Maintain a suffecient supply of chopped onions, held at room

    temperature, to avoid chilling the sandwich.

11. Keep the ice bins filled.

12. Check the CO2 pressure for 100 pounds.

13. Conduct a light bulb check for defective lamps.

14. Check the restrooms on an hourly basis.

15. Strain all surface debris from fry kettles.

16. Check the ice flaker and arrange to supplement the ice supply on

     high-volume hot days, if neccessary.

17. Keep all stainless steel surfaces constantly wiped and clean.

18. Blanch fish at night before fat filtering and fryer cleaning.

                                 BURGER CHEF PRE-CLOSING CHECK-LIST

1. Drain and filter shortning from fryers.

2. Clean filters according to instructions.

3. Return filtered shortning to fryers according to cycling instructions.

4. Clean potato cutter.

5. Clean potato peeler.

6. Wash and straighten all shelves in front area.

                                 BURGER CHEF CLOSING PROCEDURES CHECK-LIST

1. Turn off all equipment not intended for continuous operations.

   This includes:

   a. Orange dispenser

   b. Pass-through cabinet

   c. Shake machine.

   d. Coffee warmer elements

   e. fans.

   f. Fryers.

   g. Broiler.

   h. Heat lamps.

2. Turn off all signs and lights except those needed for clean up.

3. Remove everything from outside counters.

4. Close and lock front doors.

5. Wash and clean the shake machine.

6. Remove coffee pots and all other soiled parts from the front counter and clean at rear sink.

7. Remove the following parts from the back counter area and wash thoroughly at rear sink.

  a. All removable parts from the broiler including the chutes, drip-pans, and front and top

  b. Pickle, onion, meat and french fry holding pans.

  c. Wrapper holders.

  d. Fry baskets.

  e. Basket racks and pans.

8. Wash, clean, and flush condiment dispenser.

9. Scrape, wash and thoroughly clean the entire broiler.

10. Clean all shelving.

11. Put broiler chain to soak in lye solution.

12. Reassemble broiler using second chain.

13. Store all blanched potatoes in the reach-in box, leaving the potatoes in the baskets. Use

   waxed paper to portect the shelves from grease.

14. Consult the "Maintenance Work Schedule Guide" for any special cleaning operations for the


15. Police the parking lot.

16. Clean the back room area.

17. Turn out all except security lights (one light in front area and one in back area) and lock up securely.

                                                                           Burger Chef 1960s Operations Check-Lists

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